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Essentia Health Fit-n-Fun Run Is Today at Public School Stadium
Grandma's Marathon is more than just an even that takes place each June in Duluth.  The organization also partners with local businesses and schools to promote healthy events and activities for all kids in the Northland.  On such event event is the Essentia Health Fit-n-Fun Run.
Flu Shots Are Now Available At Neighborhood Essentia Clinics
About a month ago my daughter and I talked about getting our annual flu shots, something we do together every year.  Then, we both got colds so the idea was put on hold.  Now that we're both healthy again I set out to see where we could go.  I found that Essentia Clinics is offer…
Learn The New Hands Only CPR On-Line; You Could Save A Life
Last Friday I was hanging with the American Heart Association and Essentia Health to learn the new Hands-Only CPR.  They stressed that many times, the life you may save is that of a friend or family member,  IN YOUR OWN HOME!  Just think how you would feel, if an emergency should arise and you don't…