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Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Crap Out Of Taylor Swift
This made me LOL!!! Because you get to see an actual raw emotion from Taylor Swift.  You actually see her frustration and yes, maybe even a little, just a little though, anger. Nonetheless, it will make you smile (as Ellen always does)!
Ellen Fires Back At “Haters”
Last week, we told you about how Ellen Degeneres was the target of OneMillionMoms.Com.  They attacked JC Penney for using Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson for the store, because she is a lesbian.
Ellen usually doesn't fire back, but in this case, she did fire back.  And I agree with h…
Taylor Swift’s Duet With Ellen Degeneres??????
Taylor Swift has done VERY well in LA, selling out all her shows and adding surprise guest cameos.  She's sang duets with artists from other genres of music, like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.  The latest surprise, wasn't a singer at all, it was Ellen Degeneres.  While Taylor sang, "Our Song&q…