Election Day Tweets You Need To See
In case you've been living under a rock the past week or so, you know that today is election day in the United States. This is the biggest election involving social media, and there is no shortage of loud opinions being voiced on these platforms.
DTA Offers FREE Bus Rides On Tuesday Election Day
In some countries they don't have the opportunity to cast a vote.  In our country, we do.  However, many don't vote for various reasons.  Some don't think they know the candidates well enough, some claim they aren't familiar with the issues, still others just can&a…
League of Women Voters Duluth Announce Candidate Forums
I think this is one of those years where it is confusing as to what each candidate stands for, what they are running on and who they are opposing. Most of the ads I see are telling you what the other does wrong. If I believe them, no one deserves to be in office.
Scott Walker Recall Primary Election Confusing To Some Voters
Today I went and voted in the WI Recall Primaries.  This was my first time voting in a few years, but seeing that I've finally settled down, picked my home, and decided to get more politically active I went out to vote.  I was surprised that at 3:30 PM there was a line at my polling place.  There wa…

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