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It’s Hard To Find Good Help Nowadays
It's an old saying, so I guess it's always been hard finding good help.  There has to be more to this story.  A man came in to a CVS pharmacy.  He grabbed a $50 phone card, an almond joy, and a pack of cigarettes.  He then paid with a 1 million dollar bill.
Sears Employee Wears Boots He Stole From Store To Work
You'd have to think that a man who works at a Sears in Sarasota, Florida was given the boot after he was caught stealing from the store.
The Herald-Tribune reports the unidentified 18-year-old man stole a pair of boots from the store in the DeSoto Square Mall – and then wore them to work.
Cops Find Robber Via Cash Trail
The scene was straight out of a classic Saturday-morning cartoon: After a robber took an undisclosed amount of money from a local CVS, he made a mad dash to a nearby laundromat.
As he ran, the pile of cash in his arms left a trail behind him, making it an easy catch for police officers.