dumb criminal

Guy Calls Cops ‘Cuz Drunk Wife Won’t Let Him Facebook
Everyone knows calling 911 is for emergencies only – however, not everyone may see eye to eye when it comes to what constitutes an emergency. Such is the case of a central Florida man who used the digits to report his wife for not letting check his Facebook in peace, even after feeding her bee…
Chihuahua Scares Away Robbers!
Never mess with a chihuahua.  Two hooded men entered a smoke shop in LA demanding money.  As the owner started putting money in their back pack, his enraged and loud chihuahua came out to the rescue!  This will be sure to make it into the dumb criminal videos...
It’s Hard To Find Good Help Nowadays
It's an old saying, so I guess it's always been hard finding good help.  There has to be more to this story.  A man came in to a CVS pharmacy.  He grabbed a $50 phone card, an almond joy, and a pack of cigarettes.  He then paid with a 1 million dollar bill.

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