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Suspect Who Burglarized Northland Country Club, Apprehended
Congrats and thank you to the Duluth Police Department.  The suspect they apprehended had an extensive criminal history.  He had been convicted on two counts of felony theft of a motor vehicle, other multiple thefts, and traffic violations.  But he is in custody now after trying to st…
Property Crimes Person Of The Week Wanted For Robbery
Maybe YOU can help this week.  If you know the whereabouts of the Property Crimes Person of the Week, please tell the Duluth Police Department.  Several of the last Property Crimes Person of the Week that I've blogged have been apprehended in record time.  It’s a good feeling to know that informatio…
Watch A Duluth Police Officer Save a Man’s Life [VIDEO]
You read a lot lately about the abuse and disrespect police officers receive.  Despite the risks and attacks, they go out everyday to protect and help the community.  On Wednesday a Duluth police officer literally talked a man off a ledge and saved his life, and it was captured on video.
Duluth Police Need Your Help Locating A 31 Year Old Female
The Duluth Police Department is looking for a female Property Crimes Person of the Week this time, do you have any information to share.  It’s a good feeling to know that you may have helped the police apprehend a suspect. For some time now, the Duluth Police Department has been sharing information …

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