Some Jerk Just Got His 11th DWI in Duluth
Todd Alan Murphy was arrested after he fell asleep behind the wheel at the Holiday Station Store on Boundary Avenue. With this recent arrest, he's just one short of a twelve pack of DUI's.
The NFL Means Not For Long If All Their Current Problems Continue
Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson seem to be the tip of the ice berg lately with all the cheating and other charges. On Monday Johnny Manzel, the number one pick from Cleveland put himself in treatment. Everyone saw the signs coming, he parties all the time, doesn't show up to practice. He has to be…
Traffic Death Rate Drops 9% In States That Legalize Marijuana
The debate has been going on for years on whether or not to legalize marijuana.  Some states, like Colorado, have passed medicinal Marijuana laws.  A recent report shows that those states that have legalized marijuana have seen a suprising effect - less traffic fatalities.  Here'…