Driving Distractions

Crash Survivor Warns of the Dangers Of Distracted Driving [VIDEO]
We frequently hear of the dangers of distracted driving, yet we still see people cruising along while peeking at their phone, eating food, or other things that can take their eyes off the road.  Sadly, it sometimes takes a tragedy to wake people up to the real dangers of distracted driving.
Minnesota Steps Up Texting While Driving And Other Distractions
Yesterday, many of our local law enforcement, dignitaries and athletes held a press conference at UMD's Romano Gym to bring awareness to the statewide Distracted Driving enforcement effort.  The  increased enforcement will take effect today. Here's some tips on what is considered…
The Worst Distractions While Driving
We are about to hit the time of the year where there are a lot more cars on the road, with tourists and our own adventures.  Let's all look out for one another out there on the road again this year.  A recent study found that 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes are caused by driver distractions.