Are You Frugal? I Sew Monkeys.
I'm not totally frugal about everything, but for some reason I felt the need to start saving the dog toy monkeys that Bauer the Schnauzer has chewed holes in.  After 8 monkeys, a hedge hog and the worm started taking up too much space in the craft room, I decided it was time to open the se…
Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner Will Have You Misty-Eyed
You know that reaction dogs have when you return home? You know, the one where the tail is moving a million miles a minute because they're so happy you've pulled this amazing stunt where you've somehow made it back? That's a reaction this dog owner in Britain didn't know if…
Meet Hunter Hayes’ New Love In His Life [VIDEO]
Don't panic ladies, his new love has four legs, a tail and can run like the wind!  I'm a puppy lover so when I saw that Hunter had posted video of his new "bus dog" I had to share it with you!  He's lanky, lazy (in the video) and a love bug!

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