Did Loctite Rust Neutralizer Actually Work? Update
This last fall I tried a product from Loctite called Rust Neurtralizer.  I did a video and wanted to see if it actually worked.  Rust is probably one of the most frustrating things that happens to your vehicle, because once it's there it never goes away.
Bullet Casings That Hang On Our Christmas Tree Have Special Meaning
After visiting a few friend's homes I realized how bare my Christmas tree really is.  There are a few red Christmas balls from my childhood, a few handmade reindeer ornaments that my daughter and I made,  a few snowflakes that my Aunt crocheted and the shell casing Santas in the picture above.  I wa…
Easy Holiday Tree Decorations In Minutes [VIDEO]
My daughter saw these cute little holiday tree ornaments on Facebook and asked if we could do crafts this past weekend.  I expected to dedicate my entire Sunday to crafting but these little cuties only took a couple hours to make and were super easy.  If you are in looking for craft ideas …
Craft Swap At The Duluth Public Library [Bonus Craft Video]
My craft room looks like total chaos and one reason is that it's hard to get rid of anything, ANYTHING!  But, as I continue to do craft projects, I keep accumulating crafting supplies that I didn't use.  The Duluth Public Library had a great idea and turned it into an event that …

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