Check Out the Interactive BB-8 Coming Soon to Disney World
You can claim that the true star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was Rey or Finn or Kylo Ren. Or you could go with one of the old guard characters like General Leia or Han Solo. But you would be wrong. The true star of Force Awakens was BB-8. Period. End of discussion. He was the best.
Songs from Children’s TV & Movies That Drive Parents Nuts
Whether its theme songs from their TV shows or catchy Disney songs, this list is something a lot of parents can relate to.  It's not always that the songs are that bad, but it's that they get stuck in our heads.  As grown adults, we walk around with these songs in our head...
The Strangest Kids Movies Ever Made
This Friday, Paramount Pictures is releasing what will arguably be the finest family film of the year (to date): Monster Trucks, which has had a famously messy production up to its release in the doldrums of the first month of the year. (Shocking that a movie thought up by a 4-year old wouldn’…

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