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4 Best David Drew Hacks on My Facebook
Every few months I'll log into my Facebook and shake my head in disgust as I see my  account has been hacked by David Drew.  The way it happens is that occasionally I'll forget to log out of my Facebook account on a computer in our studio.  Hours later, David comes in and cant resist the childish ur…
Then and Now: What David Drew Did Before Radio [VIDEO]
David Drew, our Afternoon host with more charisma than is allowed. We have him tested daily for performance enhancing drugs, no one should have that much talent! Continuing my then and now search for all the B105 personalities, I present David Drew.
Growing List Of Untreatable Diseases May Soon Include Gonorrhea
One of the most sexually transmitted diseases, Gonorrhea, is becoming resistant to antibiotics.   With over 600,000 cases a year, the bacteria that causes Gonorrhea is mutating and the antibiotics are starting to fail.  This comes from the CDC, which is urging people to practice safe …
The Top Ten Farting Animals (Including Us)
Today Cathy once again brought up farts.  She farts a lot.  Most of them are little gerbil farts, but they come in on the list too.  Wait, I think I've confused her with me.  Anyway, we all fart.  Let's get over it.
I had a listener today email a funny fart article.  I did a little more research and …
8 Things I Learned On A Crappy Sunday
Yesterday was a bad day.  Nothing went right and even simple things got horribly complicated.  I had a few simple projects to do around the house and it ended up taking all day.

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