Son Records Mom Sleep Dancing for All of Us to Enjoy! [VIDEO]
Do you know anybody that talks in their sleep?  What about walks in their sleep?  Well, this has that beat and there's video proof to boot!  This woman not only walks and talks in her sleep, but she dances too.  Her son was nice enough to record her doing this and then show …
Out of Control Wedding Dance Leads to Spill Into Fountain [VIDEO]
In this video, a young man at a wedding performs a spirited and solo dance, much to the delight of everyone watching.
It’s the type thing that will often happen at a wedding, after some cocktails have been consumed. But what makes this spirited solo wedding dance different than most is that at this …
Breakdancing Gorilla at The Calgary Zoo [VIDEO]
Apparently gorillas like to back that thang up just as much as humans do. When this male gorilla isn’t out lounging in his habitat at The Calgary Zoo, there’s nothing he likes more than do a couple of spins in the water room and shake what his mama gave him. Talk abou…
Dancing Man at Bus Stop Becomes Internet Sensation [VIDEO]
Last Friday, Reddit user JackMomma shared a video of a twentysomething man dancing at a bus stop. According to his post, his wife shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube after she noticed the man would dance the same dance at the same bus stop every single day.
Cathy Kates Dancing, By Herself. [VIDEO]
This video was taken of Cathy Kates dancing by herself.  It was before the doors opened for Disco For A Cure.  If you listen closely, you can hear her yelling, "Kennnn!!!"  It's a priceless look on her face!
Get Your Groove On For St. Jude
Tonight (Saturday 2/19) is going to BRING ME BACK!  Kick, ball, change, kick, ball, change...yeah, I took disco lessons in the Wrenshall School Cafeteria in the late 70's....yup, it's going to come in handy at Stargate in Superior tonight.