Easy Crock-pot Venison Stroganoff Recipe
So you've bagged your deer and you find yourself with a freezer full of venison.  What do you do with all this meat?  This is one of my favorite easy recipe for venison and it turns out great every time.
One Simple Way To Make Your Fish Fry Even Better
We were invited this weekend to a fish fry and a friend's place.  They were doing large a.  mounts of fish, but each filet that came out tasted fantastic.  It was probably the best fish I've ever had.  I didn't need tartar sauce, lemon, butter, or anything.  S…
This Green Pepper Turned This Color When We Got It Home
My wife bought some green peppers from the grocery store the other day.  I only needed one of them to cook with, so the other just sat on the counter overnight.  The next day it was yellowish red!  What happened?  I asked our resident foodie at work Steve if he knew.  Here&a…

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