City of Duluth

Does Duluth Have A Geese Overpopulation Situation?
Recently while we were on air I was mentioning the abundance of rabbits we had at our house (insert multiplying like rabbits here). Other than the fancy driving I have to do to avoid hitting them since they never seem to know which direction they want to go, I’m kinda glad they are around because th…
5 Nostalgic Smells Of Duluth, Minnesota
As I was running under the Aerial Lift Bridge and huffin' and puffin', I noticed that familiar smell of "lake".  Love that smell!  That got me thinking that there are certain nostalgic smells that remind me of Duluth, Minnesota.
9th Street East Bound at 6th Ave East Closed Through Friday
While driving home from Minneapolis this weekend, I noticed a couple of signs announcing construction projects about to begin on I-35 that will impact northbound traffic.  It's that time of the year and Monday the City of Duluth announced a project within the city.

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