Have You Ever Eaten Chicken Paws?
I don't know if Walmart just started carrying these up here, but it's the first time I've ever seen them. They are called Chicken Paws and it's packaged chicken feet.
Consider Making An Easy Brazilian Chicken Dish This Weekend
Our friends, Lisa and Lars, have foodie parties on occasion that have a theme.  The past theme was Spanish Tapas.  Another guest at the party made a delicious Brazilian Chicken recipe that I not only had to duplicate, but did it the next week.  It's so yummy, the house smelled di…
Stave Off The Rainy Chill With This Tasty White Chicken Chili
The weather today is suppose to be rainy, windy and cold.  There's nothing better than walking into a warm home smelling delicious with homemade chili and hand-crafted bread!  With the help of Taste of Home you can create that scenario tonight with ease.  I did and it made enough…

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