celebrity death

Actor Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash at Age 40
I woke up Sunday morning to shocking and sad news to end a holiday weekend.  A favorite actor from the Fast and Furious movies had passed in a tragic car crash at the young age of 40. He and his co-star of the Fast and Furious movies, Vin Diesel were most recently working on Fast and Furious 7, plan…
Edith Bunker, AKA: Jean Stapleton Passes Away at Age 90
When I was young, back before all the technology, TV characters weren't characters at all.  They were friends that I laughed with for 30 minutes every week.  Some favorites were Happy Days, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons and of course, All in the Family.  I  was sad to learn that  Jean Stapleton,…
Andy Griffith Dead At Age 86
Andy Griffith has passed away this morning at the age of 86 at a North Carolina Hospital, as reported by Fox News.  An ambulance crew was called out to his Roanoke home this morning.