cathy kates

My Favorite Blooper Video of Cathy Ever [VIDEO]
Cathy Kates announced today that she is leaving us.  It's incredibly sad and I'll miss her a lot.  I've been going back through the memories we've had and this one came up.  This pretty much sums up our relationship the past few years.
Six Things Cathy Is Thankful For, Some May Surprise You
How do you answer such a question.  "What are you thankful for?"  There are 'expected' answers and I'm sure some of mine will be like yours.  Then, there are a few that will leave you scratching your noodle.  Nonetheless, we all have much to be th…
See the B105 Staff as Peanuts Characters
Anticipation is growing for the first major Peanuts feature in years, with Charlie Brown and the gang heading to the big screen on November 6. As part of that excitement, a website called Peanutize Me is giving people the chance to make their own character. We decided to do it too!

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