Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week Gauge
Once again we chatted with Jenny from Animal Allies about what's going on at the shelter.   This Friday, they'll be open at noon with some special Black Friday deals on adoptions and pet supplies!  Make sure to stop by with the family!   Also she shared the pet of …
This is Real: Grumpy Cat Has Inspired a Feature Film
To date, books, lives, records, songs, board games, video games, and coupons have served as inspirations for cinema (well, all except for the last one, that was just a 'Mr. Show' sketch). But now memes are joining that list as Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation, has been optioned as the su…
Meet Animal Allies Pet of the Week: Pink Panther
It's not hard to figure out why she's called "Pink Panther."  Pink was found as a stray hiding in a garage.  The residents brought the cat to Animal Allies in Superior, and no one know how she got to be pink.  However, just like her color, she's a brig…
Stubbs the Cat Is the World’s First Feline Mayor
Meet Stubbs, a sassy cat who has recently rocketed to fame. As mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, he attracts visitors from far and wide, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the longest serving mayors in the US.
Known locally as “Mayor Stubbs,” the feline’s popula…
Taylor Swift Shares Home Video “Cat Fail”
Proving once again that she is human and down to earth, Taylor Swift shared a video with the audience of  the Ellen show, that she took in her home of her feline having a bit of difficulty.  Cute pillows, Taylor!!!
Taylor Swift Becomes a ‘Cat Lady’
As you can probably imagine, it gets pretty lonely out on the road, away from family, friends and other loved ones. That’s why Taylor Swift decided that she needed a new roommate — a tiny baby kitten which she named Meredith.
My Crazy Cat VS A Shoe [Video]
On air, I talk about my cat from time to time.  Usually it's because she's ticked me off in some way.  (Puking on the bed, racing around the house in the middle of the night, knocking over glasses, etc.)
A few nights ago she was trying to do something with a shoe...

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