Mini Does A Backflip Off Ramp
TopGear has done it again. Just when you think that the car-centric, UK show can't get any crazier, it makes like a gearhead version of "Jackass" and gets video of a guy making a Mini Copper do a backflip off a ramp. This really happened. Watch the video below:
That's French Rally Raid worl…
Guy Stuck in His Car Going 125 MPH With No Brakes
Imagine yourself jumping into your car for a quick run to the supermarket. As you approach your first stop sign, with the sun shining on your face and some fine tunes on the radio, you realize that your brakes aren't arresting your forward movement, but actually accelerating it. Eventually, you…
Tesla Model S Is the Motor Trend Car of the Year
The Tesla Model S has been named Motor Trend magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, one of the most prestigious honors in the automotive industry. The Model S won by way of unanimous vote, after 11 discriminating judges test drove 25 other vehicles to compare those all-important technical …
What Are the Most Reliable Cars on the Road Today?
The latest automotive reliability survey from Consumer Reports came out this week, and Toyota leads the way. Ford, which had been rising in the ranks recently, fell back this year: it now ranks second-to-last among all auto manufacturers.
Red Cars Attract More Bird Poop
You’ve probably heard that red cars get more speeding tickets, and that they cost more to insure. Contrary to popular belief, neither of these oft-quoted arguments against going red are true.
Car Myths That Cost You Money Every Year
One of my favorite websites had an article about car myths that cost you money.  It's a good article and it solidifies some things I've believed for quite some time.  I've added a couple of my own too.
First here's what they had to say...

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