A Goodbye To My Headphones
This is a little silly, but I have an attachment issue with my headphones.  They' Sony MDR-7506 professional grade headphones I've had from the first day I started college.  (They were included in my tuition.)  Basically, these headphones are falling apart...
11 Surprising Ways to Hurt Your Career
I stumbled on this and thought it was worth sharing.  With so much competition out there for jobs, it's nice to know ways you can get the edge.  There are obvious things you know to do, like wear a shirt to work.  Here are things to avoid to be successful:
The 12 Most Overrated Jobs
If you are in the mood for a career change, or looking for a job, you might want to take on long look into these 12 professions before working in the field.  While I think anyone with passion can be successful in whatever they set their mind to do, this is an interesting article.  Here are…