Duluth Transit Authority Gets Grant For Six Electric Buses
People in the Northland have been anxiously watching the Duluth Transit Authority's Multimodal Transportation Center take shape in downtown Duluth.  The DTA has been around for more than 130 years.  Their mission is to provide public transit that is safe, convenient, efficient and aff…
DTA Detours During MN Mile Foot Race On Sunday, September 7
Grandma's Marathon is hosting another Minnesota Mile foot race this Sunday, September 7.  The race starts at 9a with the last race at 10:20a.  The race course is on Superior Street, downtown Duluth and that means that the DTA buses will need to be re-routed during that time.
Parents Find Duluth Transit Authority’s Stroller Rule Trying
The DTA is facing scrutiny for their stroller policy as it is an inconvenience for some parents.  They require that all strollers be folded and placed under the seat to keep the aisle clear for emergencies and other passengers.  The issue, as you will read, is about safety.  That doesn't make it any…