May Brush Drop Off Site Schedule for Park Point Residents

My husband and I have a wood burner so we are very conscious of where we can get the wood we burn.  We found that there are certain counties in Wisconsin that won't allow the transport of wood across county lines due to gypsy moths and the emerald ash borer beetle.  There was an emergency quarantine…
Repel Wood Ticks With Apple Cider Vinegar
Wood Tick season is here and it's already a pretty bad one in some areas.  Not only are they gross, but they can carry diseases.  Be especially careful of the smaller deer ticks.  Today I got a tip from a listener that you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to repel ticks.
Fantastic Idea! Clothing That Repels Insects
This year the mosquito were ridiculous!  I know, I know, we had a late winter, more snow and that lead to a wet Spring.  Mosquitoes hatch their babies in water, therefore we had an abundance of the little blood suckers.  One family in Minnesota feels our pain and has come up with a gr…

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