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Breakfast Club Live Blog March 28th… Ken Overslept
For the first time in 7 years, I overslept.   I awoke just moments ago to a call from Cathy asking where I was.   I looked at the clock in pure horror.  It was 5:57.  The show was beginning.  I quick jumped out of bed and frantically made my way to the studio. …
Breakfast Club Live Blog March 26th. Flannel Day
Apparently it is flannel day, because Cathy and I showed up wearing flannel.   Although it's not an official holiday, we are going to make it one because of the chilly spring morning.  Yes, it's technically a spring morning, even though it started off at 5 degrees.
Breakfast Club Live Blog March 24
Good morning, welcome to Monday!  Here's what Cathy's made for lunch.  It's some kind of juice made of kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, carrots, and apples.   Would you drink that?  And do you really expect that to satisfy you for lunch?

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