6 Bigfoot Sighted in Yellowstone at Old Faithful
Like any other Bigfoot video, the quality is sub par.  That's because the person who recorded this was watching a live feed of Old Faithful on the internet when he spotted the Bigfoot.  (Bigfeet?  What's the plural?)  He grabbed his phone and started recording what he w…
Bigfoot Sighting In Twig, MN? Fake or Real? [VIDEO]
Believing in Bigfoot is fun, so I spend some time once in a while searching for Bigfoot encounters.  A couple of months ago, this video from Christmas of 2014 was uploaded to YouTube where a family claims they have captured Bigfoot on video.
Does Bigfoot Live In This Man’s Backyard? [VIDEO]
We've all at some point heard an animal outside our house or have had things messed with in the yard.  The first assumption is usually a skunk, raccoon or deer roaming around.  However, perhaps it's Bigfoot?!  This man is convinced that Bigfoot is living in his backyard and …
Has Bigfoot Actually Been Captured?
After that hoax out of Russia, we swore we'd never be duped by a faked Bigfoot capture again. But a recent report, which comes from an organization called the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center, could be the news that Yeti believers have been waiting for.
North Carolina Man Claims He Saw Bigfoot, Captures Footage [VIDEO]
The mystery of Bigfoot continues today thanks to a local North Carolina resident who claims he saw the elusive figure in person.
Thomas Byers allegedly saw Bigfoot on Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County, NC. Fortunately, he had his camera with him, and managed to take a video of the incide…