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Can You Add to This List: Best Breakfast in the Northland
After running one morning my husband asked where we should go for breakfast.  As we discussed the topic and couldn't decide we realized there was lots of area restaurants that have darn good breakfast food.  After all, it's the most important meal of the day, right?  Here&ap…
4 Best Views in Duluth
Here are four views of Duluth that are in my opinion, stellar!  I hope that these pictures travel outside the Northland and entice people to come see the beauty of our city and Lake Superior.  I'm sure you have favorite spots too, I'd love to see yours...
Best of The Breakfast Club 2013 [AUDIO]
The year 2013 was a good one for Cathy and myself.   We had a lot of laugh's and continue to chuckle about these segments looking back.  We've had a good amount of people reach out and ask for us to post some of the audio.   Here are some of our most requested.