Have You Ever Tried Grilled Ham? It’s Delicious!
I had a friend suggest that I try grilling a ham.  I had never even thought of it, but it's a nice change of pace for your late summer grilling.   In our house we grill several times a week, so by the time we get to August we are ready to change it up from burgers and brats.  The…
My Review Of The New OMC Smokehouse Restaurant In Duluth
To be honest, I've actually been to the OMC Smokehouse at 1909 West Superior St.
Duluth twice.  But I forgot to take pictures my first time so I made sure to do so this time.  They serve smoked meats, craft beer and sides all done very uniquely.  Here's my review.
Tips & Tricks For Smoking A Brisket On Your Weber Grill
I've seen some YouTube videos on how to set up your Weber grill as a smoker.  There's a few different techniques, but it all is very similar.  But there was questions that these videos didn't answer.  Like how long?  What temperature?  How fast does it heat up…
What Did You Do On The First Nice Evening Of March?
What an absolutely gorgeous Monday afternoon/evening!  I'm glad daylight saving time happened this past weekend so we could experience more of the beautiful sunshine and warm temps!  Great training weather for the Grandma's Marathon races coming up in June.
Rustic Olive’s Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce [Sponsored]
We've been talking about the health benefits of olive oil and the reason why Rustic Olive's olive oil stands out above the rest with flavor and freshness.  But, they also offer another flavor sensation, Balsamic Vinegars.  Andy from the Rustic Olive shared a recipe using Smoked T…

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