Got Pork? Make Easy Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Covered Bacon

Move over peanut butter and chocolate, there's a new flavor to savor that is more than a fad, it's a sinful addiction.  Oh, everybody wrinkles their nose at the thought, but the salty smokey flavor of bacon is complimented by the sweet deliciousness call chocolate and then you find yourself having t…
Relax! Predicted Bacon Shortage an Internet Hoax
Don't worry, the bacon shortage predicted is hogwash.  In the age where you can't believe anything you hear now over the internet or social media, another hoax had us all fooled.  It basically started with a press release that bacon prices may rise slightly:
Is a Global Bacon Shortage in the Future?
So far we've learned that the worst US drought in 50 years will cause meat prices to rise and has even forced some ranchers to feed candy to their cattle. But now comes truly disturbing news from the UK's National Pig Association (who knew there was such a thing?): a worldwide bacon and sa…

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