Joe Mauer and His Wife Welcome Twin Girls Into the World
On the same day British royalty announced the name of their newborn, some of Minnesota's own royalty announced some exciting birth news. Minnesota native and Twins All-Star catcher Joe Mauer and his wife Maddie announced the birth of twin baby girls earlier today (Wednesday).
Babies Make Such Priceless Faces When Trying New Foods!
This is my daughter Kylee, enjoying sweet potatoes.  I remember when she was enjoying peas for the first time and sneezed.   The whole family remembers (was wearing) that, including the family dog!
I was checking out one family's home video of the first time their child ate beans and started looking …
Lady Antebellum Start Thinking About Babies
With Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott having tied the knot this month and Dave Haywood having proposed to his girlfriend in December, all three members of the trio are enjoying all the changes that come from leaving the single life behind. And, hey, now that marriage is figured out, why not sta…
Is Crying It Out Dangerous for Kids?
It seems every few years new theories come out about the best way to raise children, some of which go against what was previously believed to be a best practice.  I've never been a fan of letting kids "cry it out" at night, but that is because I don't have the strength to let my kids cry f…
Hollywood Baby Boom: Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham Give Birth
If you felt a disturbance in the force today, don't worry. It was just two celebrity waistlines snapping back in place.
Free-spirited actress Kate Hudson gave her mom Goldie Hawn a new grandson on Saturday night, while former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham finally added a girl to her brood of boys …
Parents Would Rather Have a Boy Than a Girl: Poll
A recent Gallup poll of 1,020 adults shows that, if Americans could only have one child, they’d rather have a boy than a girl
According to the poll, published Thursday, 40 percent said they’d want to have a boy, while 28 percent said they’d rather have …

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