Crayola’s New Blue Crayon Needs To Be Named, Got Any Ideas?
Crayola Crayons were a staple at our house while my daughter was growing up.  She's 23 now and I still have several boxes in the craft room waiting for when there's little ones in the house again.  I guess I never really paid attention to what the color names were until they decided to retire one, D…
The Hibbing Dylan Project On The Iron Range Is In Need Of Artists
If we are honest, some people are miffed at Bob Dylan for his lack of luster for the cities he was born and grew up in.  He was born at then, St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth now known as Essentia and grew up on the Iron Range in the town of Hibbing.  However, there are many that admire his music, are …
Community Mural Painting Project Adds Color To Superior
South Superior is looking a little more colorful after some artwork has been created on Shannon's Stained Glassery.  It's a mural project that's been started as part of a grant from the Wisonsin Arts Board and it's one of three projects to take place in the city.

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