april fools day

Best April Fools Joke Ever, Helped Make A Friend’s Day
Most people don't like April Fool's Day because they get a joke played on them that makes them look silly or makes them angry. This April Fools joke is a positive one, and a happy one. This waitress loves to help people, she also overcame an eating disorder and teaches Yoga.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About April Fool’s Day
Every year on April 1st, office water coolers are spiked with white wine and computer mouses are glued to desks. Every year on college campuses, half empty buckets of water are placed on the top of dorm room doors and passed out bros are covered with marker ink. And throughout the world, the sound o…
7 Great April Fool’s Day Pranks on the Internet
It's April Fool's Day today (no, seriously!), which in recent years has morphed into God's gift to the Internet.
Today, sites everywhere are doing their best to prank unsuspecting users, and we'll be the first to admit that we've fallen for a few of them. (Thanks, Google!)
As such, we've pulled togeth…