Report: There’s a Chance Apple Might Buy Netflix
In this era of giant media corporations swallowing one another, another major acquisition might be on the horizon. Industry analysts are predicting that an influx of Apple cash might soon lead to a flashy purchase for the tech giant; with Netflix itself painted as a prime target.
Easy Apple Turnover Tastes Like Pie
I've made this easy Apple Turnover several times because an apple pie is just to big for a household of two.  This is the perfect size, is easy to make and tastes just like apple pie.  My friend Sandy shared the recipe with me years ago and I just rediscovered it in a pile of recipes …
Meet The Original Voice of Siri [VIDEO]
When Siri was introduced to the masses in 2011, her voice quickly became one of the most listened to everywhere.  The question is, who is she? has found the voice of Siri, it's Atlanta native Susan Bennett who has done a lot of voice work over the years...

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