‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ Entertains With Their Obnoxious Love
OK, so maybe the headline is a little harsh.  If there's one thing you'll take away from the premiere of Donnie Loves Jenny is that Donnie Wahlberg really freaking loves Jenny McCarthy, and she really freaking loves him.  My wife and I have been a fan of Wahlburgers (which follow…
Memorial Day Weekend TV Marathons
Every Memorial Day weekend, TV marathons flood our channels.  Whether it be military movies, popular cable reality shows, or movie marathons, it can make for a great weekend catching up on missed episodes of TV shows, or just being a couch potato.  Here's whats going on and what to wa…
Duck Dynasty Cast Holding Out for More Money on Season 4
The Roberstons are asking for 200,000 dollars an epsiode for Season 4 and they are currently in the middle of a stand off with A&E.  Duck Dynasty is the 2nd most popular rated cable show, only behind AMC's The Walking Dead and the family thinks they deserve more money.
‘Storage Wars’ Star Sues A&E, Calls Show A “Fraud”
Fans of reality TV often walk a strange tightrope, accepting in the back of their minds that the events being presented are somewhat staged, or even edited to appear more dramatic than they really are. That line isn't often called into question, but 'Storage Wars' star Dave Hester is fighting back a…

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