Imagine driving and being able to call your best friend, listen to your favorite song, make the car hotter or cooler all without taking your hands of the steering wheel or taking your eyes off the road. All that and more is happening in cars all around the Northland thanks to Sync and MyFord Touch, available at Benna Ford Roush.

Sync is the voice control software developed by Microsoft for Ford that offers you the control over your smartphone, iPod, car comforts and various entertainment and news features.

Kyle is one of the many Sync and MyFord Touch experts at Benna Ford that gave us a tour of some of the awesome features. Within 30 seconds Kyle had his iPhone connected via Bluetooth to the car and was able to simply ask the car to "call work" and just like that, the phone at the front desk started to ring and we were able to dial and talk without touching the phone.

Kyle proceeded to change the radio station, turn on the air conditioning and even played one of his favorite songs by asking Sync to "play artist, and song name" and within in a second or two, the song started playing over the cars sound system.

Sync will also read a text message to you, check the forecast, traffic and your personal calendar, so you don't miss one of the kids important games. All this is done in the name of convenience and most importantly, safety.

Have the piece of mind that if you were in an accident that was serious enough that your airbag deployed, Sync and MyFord touch would take over, unlocking your doors, turning on your hazard lights, honking the horn, oh, and it will call 911 for you. This technology could literally safe your life.

Go visit the experts at Benna Ford Roush in Superior for a full demonstration, we think you'll really enjoy it.