Unfortunately, it seems that I hear of a new way to be scammed on a daily basis.  We constantly have to have our guard up with everything we encounter.  This time, the warning is specifically for those living in Superior and Douglas County.

Thank you to the Superior-Douglas County Chamber for passing the warning on via email. Here's what to watch out for:

Apparently, businesses in Superior have been receiving calls from an individual saying they were from Superior Water, Light & Power Company. The caller stated that the businesses' utility service would be disconnected due to missed payments. They were instructed to submit payments using a credit card or money order. The phone number used was a Utah number 801-850-6807.

If you receive a similar call, please call 911 to report the situation to the Superior Police Department.

Any customer receiving a questionable call is asked to call Superior Water, Light and Power Company directly at 715-394-2200.

Remember, if something doesn't seem quite right, you should ask for the callers number and tell them you will call them back with the information they are seeking.  Then, check it out to be absolutely sure it's legitimate before giving any personal information to anyone.