Yikes!  I hope your team wins and if not....take deep, deep breaths!

Watching your favorite team lose the Super Bowl could indeed prove heartbreaking, and not only because of munchie calories and fat. The emotional stress fans feel after a loss may be enough to trigger a heart attack—especially among those who already have heart disease, according to a study published today in the journal Clinical Cardiology. Researchers analyzed the death records of Los Angeles County residents in the two weeks before and after L.A. teams competed in two Super Bowls. After the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1980, heart-related deaths increased by 15 percent for men and 27 percent for women. Among fans of all ages, those 65 and up fared the worst, with a more significant jump in deaths than younger fans.

via Health Buzz: Super Bowl Loss Could Trigger Heart Attacks - US News and World Report.