Unsanitary Food Preparation


I am guilty and a little miffed.  I didn't USE to wash my chicken before I cooked it, but I saw the benefits of rinsing it before cooking it.  After all, it's sitting in that chicken juice goo after thawing from the freezer and getting rid of that always made me feel better.  But, experts are now saying washing/rinsing my chicken can now be a BAD thing!

Here's why:  Yes, you are washing some bacteria down the drain, but they say you're also creating a fine watery mist of bacteria that get carried to whatever you have sitting on the counter.  If you have clean dishes sitting next to the sink or the veggies you're going to have with dinner, BAM!  Cross-contaminated!

Here's a good visual:

But, you don't have to fret, the experts DO have us covered.  They say  the temperature we cook the chicken at is hot enough to kill any germs that could potentially be dangerous.