Most schools are closed, maybe your car won't start, or you're just planning to stay in, out of the wind chill.  Do something constructive with your time and organize your closet with something so simple, as an aluminum beverage can tab.

Cathy Kates

I saw this on pinterest and had to look it up!  I found it on Idea Bottle Blog Spot, it's so simple!  If you could see my closet (almost took a pic for you, but NO WAY), you'd see why I was desperate for an inexpensive idea like this.

I had all plastic hangers and this won't work with those, you'll need hangers with metal hooks.  But, after you attach the beverage tab to the hanger you have an easy way to double hang your clothes.  You have more space and it allows you to see both skirts or pants and the shirt.  You'll never lose a piece of clothing again (look under the bed if you do).

Do you have an easy organizer tip to share, I'd love to hear it!!  Email it to me at:  You'll get all the credit if I blog your idea!  Bring it!