Yesterday I was sitting in my office when a smell started to linger.  It could best be described as the smell of a dirty couch cushion.  Full of old crumbs and hair and stuff.  Smell the crack of your couch and you'll get the idea.  I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  I was alone in Cathy and I's office, so it wasn't anyone else in there.  A few minute later I walked down the hallway to find Cathy eating some Lean Cuisine Lasagna in a production room.  That's the smell!  As the lasagna smell lingered throughout the building it must have changed form several times.  Either way it was pretty strong smelling once I got to it.  It's not that Cathy eats horribly stinky food like egg salad sandwiches, it's just that she eats them everywhere.  Once a week in our on air staff meeting, she's eating something stinky and we all have to give her a hard time.  She's a "pack the leftovers for work" kind of gal.  So whatever they had the night before, she's eating the next morning.  (Usually around 10:30).   Without further ado, here are the stinkiest foods Cathy Kates eats regularly at work

1. Spam with brown sugar heated up in the microwave.  There aren't many things known to man that can stink up 2,500 square feet of office space like that.

2. Her Asian food.  I know it's delicious, because I've had it before.  But man it really stinks if you're not eating it.

3. I couldn't believe how much just plain potato salad can stink up a room.  Maybe it was expired.

4. Her "diet soup".  This is pretty much cabbage and broth which is like napalm to your nose.

5. A large variety of frozen dinners.  She often buys the Asian bowls.  It smells like a 3 day old Chinese leftovers fart.

It's also amazing that they tiny portions of foods she eats can waft miles.  It's a super power, I swear.  All kidding aside Cathy, I know I stink up the place in other ways sometimes.  And I don't always say excuse me.  Your stinky food makes our work place a little bit more exciting.  It's a fun to play "what's that smell?"  everyday when you are eating lunch.