Show this to your kids, parents.  This is what can happen when you use meth.  Ashley Booker and her boyfriend Nicholas Doyle were arrested for possession of methamphetamine.  But the story gets better  (or worse.)If convicted, they both could face up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine each.

It all started after Ashley was spotted frantically digging in her car outside of the Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  She was reportedly flailing her arms around when an EMT worker came out to check on her.

She told the EMT that she was searching for her boyfriends finger that was somewhere in the car.  It wasn't long before the police were called because she appeared to be high on meth.  Her face was covered with sores and she was speaking incoherently.  They also found a syringe in her car, full of meth.

Turns out her boyfriend never had lost a finger.  He had just cut it.  Read more about the weird story at