You may have already experienced automated technology in our city.  I have used them several times in the Canal Park district. (and yes, you can still get a parking ticket if you don't pay....someone told me that, lol).  I have to admit, the street looks cleaner without the parking meters.  Now, they're going to try it in downtown Duluth.  What do you think of the new technology?

Beginning in February, there will be a one-block on-street trial installation of state-of-the-art parking payment technology downtown on Superior Street between 3rd Avenue West and 4th Avenue West. During this time, the existing quarters-only meters will be replaced by parking space number signs, along with two automated pay stations on the upper side of the block and one automated pay station on the lower side of the block. Customers may pay for their parking at any of the three pay stations regardless of where they park.

It's all part of a bigger plan that the City of Duluth is putting into place.  A multi-year strategic parking plan has been developed by the Duluth Parking Commission, the Downtown Parking Advisory Committee, and other downtown and citywide stakeholders.

They anticipate the pilot project to last for a about four months.  It will feature a pay-by-space configuration similar to what is already deployed in the Twin Cities. The pay stations are equipped with thermostat-regulated internal heaters and will accept:

  • •Dollar coins, quarters, dimes, and nickels
  • •$1 bills
  • •Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards

These automated pay stations also offer the opportunity to receive an optional receipt.  As with the similar pay stations already installed in several off-street parking lots throughout downtown, no receipt ever needs to be displayed on any vehicle dashboard.

Pricing for the new parking technology will feature an 80-minute time limit and prices are as follows:

  • •20 minutes for 25 cents
  • •40 minutes for 50 cents
  • •60 minutes for 75 cents
  • •80 minutes for $1

Don't be intimidated, there will be parking ambassadors on site during the first weeks of the trial to answer any questions.