Just had to share with you one of my new favorite shows.  I caught the marathon that SPIKE TV was running last week of "Bar Rescue."  It stars a night club/ bar consultant Jon Taffer who goes around and bails out bars that are on the brink of bankruptcy.  It's nothing really new, you have shows like Hotel Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, etc.  What makes this different is that it focuses on bars.  Something of my interest.

There is a lot of science that goes into making a successful bar.  How high the bar stools are, lighting, menus, etc.  You learn a lot just by watching the show.  There's also a lot of yelling as well.  Jon Taffer is a no bull kind of guy and he doesn't have much time to turn this place around.  So he barrels through and doesn't beat around the bush.  Even last night he suggested that the owner retire and turn the bar over to his daughter.  Which he did.

He has a right to yell a lot of the times.  In the situation below, it makes you think twice about eating out at a bar:

Catch new episodes Sunday night on SPIKE TV.