It's just me and Sam at home and we have been trying to do "boys" stuff. Sam has been making suggestions. Sometimes when you have time off you want to fix stuff or clean stuff, and that's what I was doing when Sam said, "Daddy, when do we do something fun!!??"

When I asked him what was fun, he said skipping rocks and having a picnic. So we went to the grocery store and got some sandwich stuff, fruit, and some chips. We headed up the shore to a beautiful lookout on top of rocks. We made sandwiches in the car, grabbed some fruit and chips and went out on the rocks.

We ate our sandwiches and sat for a while, then we threw rocks. Skipped some, threw some, fed the seagulls bread, chased the seagulls away. We had rock throwing contests and talked about why the lake is so cold, what are kayaks and how they work, why do some women wear bikinis and some don't, how much stuff is loaded on ships when they are leaving Duluth.

Then we just sat and said nothing, just listened to the breeze, the waves crashing against the shore, the gulls overhead, and watched the sun starting to go down. Then Sam got up and said, "You get a Daddy Hug, this was FUN!"

That's when I realized that I got far more than I paid for the sandwiches, and I made a memory. That's priceless!!