It's going to be hard, because the weather is warming up and the sun is shining, but the City of Duluth is asking that you refrain from using the public trails.  Obviously, the additional snow and rain we've been experiencing has made the trails very muddy and wet and if used, they can be damaged permanently.

Most trails are included, city hiking trails, snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails. Due to the annual spring thaw these trails have become soft and are now vulnerable to being damaged with deep ruts and possible erosion.

You can help prevent damage by staying off them until warmer temperatures and drier weather improve trail conditions. A notice regarding the reopening of trails will be provided as soon as conditions permit.

There are some trails that remain open for you to use at this time.  They are the Lakewalk, the Munger Trail and the Western Waterfront Trail. In addition, the far eastern part of Skyline Parkway near Hawks Ridge is also a good place to walk as well as the far western end of Skyline Parkway, west of Spirit Mountain. These portions of Skyline are still closed to vehicular traffic.