I chose the Desert Rose Band as my Solid Gold Pick  of the Week the beginning of this month.  One of their songs you would be most familiar with is "Love Reunited".  It was a release from their the bands self-titled album in 1987.  The group had disbanded, but after their publicist read my blog, he contacted me and guess what?  They are back together for a reunion tour!!!!

Three men founded the Desert Rose Band, Chris Hillman, John Jorgenson and Herb Pedersen.  Other members were Bill Bryson, Jay Dee Maness, and Steve Duncan.  The band disbanded in 1994. But, in August of 2010 came together to start a reunion tour.  If you get the chance to catch them on tour, it is sure to bring back memories, while you make new ones and you'll be part of "history repeating itself", seeing the Desert Rose Band on stage again!

Videos back in the 80's were usually the band just performing the song and usually on a variety show.  Take a look at the band then, then click on the button above to see how they've changed.  It sure is fun to see the Solid Gold fashions and hairstyles from previous eras.