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All About the Big Duck
Learn All About The World's Largest Rubber Duck That Will Visit Duluth This Summer
The Top 5 Worst Park Jobs of the Week in Duluth Superior
We've teamed up with the gang over at 'A-hole Parking in the Duluth/Superior Area,' a Facebook page dedicated to the parking impaired in the Twin Ports, to give you a weekly countdown of the absolute worst park jobs.
July 4th Events & Fireworks in Duluth / Superior
239 years ago freedom was born in the United States and every year we celebrate our freedom, our values and our Country on the Fourth of July! If you're looking for something to do this 4th, look no further, here are the Top 5 things to do this Independence Day in Duluth/Superior...
Still Standing
Iceman Roger says his second try at the 2015 Superior Ice Project "just will not go down."
See it Collapse
Watch video of The Ice Project collapsing in Superior.
Where to See 'The Interview' in Duluth
After being hacked by North Korea, Sony decided to pull the movie 'The Interview' due to safety concerns, but they've changed their mind and are doing a limited release to theatres and streaming it online. So where can you see it in Duluth?