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Where Were You During The 2017 Solar Eclipse? [VIDEO]
We happened to be on vacation when the solar eclipse of 2017 was going to take place. I was bummed because I suspected we were just going to miss the whole thing. But, thanks to The Wobblin' Duck Saloon, we even got to watch it (safely).
Volunteer Drivers Are Needed For Our Veterans In The Northland
Our veterans thought nothing of fighting for our freedom and sacrificing their lives to keep us safe with continued freedom in our Country.  Now they need a small piece of our time and a set of wheels.  Can you help by being a volunteer driver?
Our Animal Allies Pet Of The Week Is Looking For A Good Lap
Just look at the beautiful coloring on this calico domestic short hair cat named Pip.  Pip is our Animal Allies Pet of the Week and is waiting at Animal Allies for that special person to come and give her a loving forever home.
A Steam Mop Is My Latest Favorite Gadget, It Works!
Between my kitchen that is a laminate looking wood but still warps when it gets wet and my camper floor that is filthy, I would go through half a bottle of 409 and two whole rolls of paper toweling. I was at a lost and would procrastinate because it was a knee and back breaker.  Now I have clea…
Fireball Fan? Try These Easy Cupcakes You Customize With Fireball Whisky
If you haven't had Fireball, you've probably heard of it.  It's a type of whisky that tastes like red hot cinnamon candy and warms you up as it's going down.  For those that are already fans, how would you like to combine two delicious flavors?  Fireball and cake?  Yup, Fireball Cupakes!!! I get rec…
This Is Why You Buy Meat You Can See Through The Wrapper
Preface to this blog.  I have bought this type of pre-packaged hamburger that you buy  blindly because you can't see the product inside and it's been fine.  However, this time I was surprised to see what can only be described as a large amount of coagulated fat.  Last t…
Have You Experienced A Lite Flite Induction Drone? [VIDEO]
My sister always finds the latest and greatest cool gadgets and while visiting her recently she introduced us to the Lite Flite Induction Drone. It’s definitely something that will keep you, your family and friends occupied for hours, but for the full experience you should wait to pl…
Weigh In On Duluth’s Proposed Transportation Tax At Public Meetings
I am the thrilled that Northland roads are on the forefront of people's minds, most need help.  Mayor Larson introduced a "Street Improvement Program" which would tax residents as well as visitors to our city.  It requires a referendum to pass on November 7.  Th…