Growing up loving comedy, I've always believed what Steve Martin said: Comedy Is Not Pretty.  If you've ever watched a roast on Comedy Central you know how raw, vulgar and funny they can be.  I thought David Hasselhoff was a perfect roast target, but I think Charlie Sheen is even better.

The same night that “Two and a Half Men” makes its Charlie Sheen-free debut on CBS, the show’s former main man will be the center of attention on another network.

On Tuesday morning, Comedy Central announced that Sheen will soon get the traditional Hollywood roast treatment. The event is set to take place in Los Angeles on Sept. 8, but the laughs at Sheen’s expense won’t air until Sept. 19 — just in time divert attention from Ashton Kutcher’s first appearance on “Men.”

via The Clicker - Sheen roast to air the same night 'Men' returns.