So, the Grandma's Lottery is done and you weren't one of the lucky ones. Don't stop training, because there is a way to secure a guaranteed race number for this year's Grandma's full or half marathon, with a bonus, you can save some money on new running shoes too!

Here's the deal...if you're a new runner you start "training" in the shoes you own.  Then, as the race gets closer you start thinking "gee, I should get a new pair of shoes".  But, there are SO many choices and questions that come to mind!  (personally, I use to go based on color, BAD CATHY!)  Pronating?  Cushion?  How much room should be left at the toe box?  They come in so many shapes, sizes, color and prices.

There is a place you get answers to your shoe questions AND get a guaranteed race number for the full or half Grandma's Marathon THIS year.  Become a St. Jude hero, it's your opportunity to fund raise and support the lifesaving work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

This Saturday, March 30 from 11a-1p there will be an info session/shoe fitting clinic at Tortoise and the Hare Footwear, 4602 Grand Ave # 90  Duluth.  Everyone who attends and becomes a St. Jude Hero will get a discount on their purchase.  Ask questions, not only about your shoes, but how you can get the guaranteed bib number to run Grandma's Half Marathon!