Scratch and sniff was big in the 80's, but it's B A C K, this time with a new line of "scratch and sniff jeans".  Apparently they smell like raspberries and can be worn for months without being washed. (????)  They are a bit spendy, but you could be the first kid on the block to own a pair from

Last week, Montreal-based Naked & Famous Denim introduced a line of scratch-and-sniff jeans.

The $150 jeans, available in the company’s “WeirdGuy” fit, are coated in micro-capsules containing a raspberry-scented, perfume-like substance, CBC News reported. When you scratch the denim, the capsules release a whiff of the scent.

The jeans smell similar to raspberry candy, according to the company’s website, and like with scratch-and-sniff stickers, the scent fades over time.

How much time depends on the wearer’s interest in cleanliness. The scent lasts through at least five washings, company founder and designer Brandon Svarc, 29, told But, he added, "many of our male customers don’t wash their jeans very often…. In fact, some 'denimheads' don’t ever wash their jeans at all.”

While Naked & Famous currently only manufactures scratch-and-sniff jeans for men, Svarc told that it’s possible the company might make a women’s version next season.

Arguably, scratch-and-sniff jeans are not Naked & Famous Denim’s craziest idea. The company has also produced glow-in-the-dark jeans.